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Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston

....the art journal of Phillip and Cynthia Livingston. We created this to be our link to the art and fandom communities, as well as to share pictures and info about our various projects.

So, to introduce ourselves....

Phillip Livingston: Art Guy. Work including, but not limited to:

Science fiction, fantasy, alternative history, anthropomorphic (‘furry’) and comic art

Design, illustration and painting, including airbrush

Bookbinding in modern and Medieval styles. He’s made books with paper, cloth and leather covers; decorated with tooling, embossing and metalwork. He also does book repair.

Illuminated manuscripts, calligraphy and creative lettering in a variety of styles

Jewelry including metalwork, lapidary, enameling and scrimshaw

Woodwork, including furniture making, repair and refinishing

Phillip is aided and abetted by me, his wife Cynthia: manager/agent/idea person/all around helper. My semi-official title is Grand Poobah of Quality Control. I also make handwoven, custom decorated wreathes and do a bit of writing here and there. I’ve been around LJ for a few years now in a general fannish capacity. I’m responsible for the look of the journal, and will be handling the posting, as well as most of the contact with other human beings. Phillip is somewhat of the quiet, artistic type-at least until he gets to know you, then he’ll act out Monty Python skits and do funny voices.

We met approximately a million years ago at a Star Trek club in Fairbanks, Alaska. We moved to Phoenix, Arizona so Phillip could go to art school and ended up living there for 19 years, enjoying all the Rennaissance faires and fan run conventions in the area, including participating in LepreCon and CopperCon art shows. We now live in Bellingham, Washington (City of Subdued Excitement) and are looking forward to taking part in the local art and fandom scenes.

For our first offering we have Story Time At The Beach. The original is 20" x 15", watercolor and airbrush. It was around for a few years as a pen and ink drawing. Phillip did the first painted version while he was working at Roswell Bookbinding in Phoenix. They were holding a raffle to raise money for a co-worker’s medical expenses and asked Phillip if he could contribute some art. He brought in ‘Story Time’ and they sold out of tickets. Afterward several people approached him to paint versions for them. Each original was a little different-what you see here is the last, "definitive" version he painted so we would have one for our own purposes. We had it scanned and put to disc so we could make prints. We’ve sold some, given some as gifts and donated one to an auction to benefit The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists. 

Edited to add: 8 x 10 prints are available for $10, which includes postage. We can also do larger or smaller prints, just let us know what you'd like. Also available as a blank greeting card for $3.



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