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10 April 2009 @ 02:40 pm
I posted to the ValhallaCon Yahoogroup about the logo/promotional art we'd made, with a link back to the journal. We got a couple nice comments over there on the list and Ulysess Somers, who does their website, posted the pencil draft to the 'art show' page.


A few days later I emailed the con chair, asking if they were interested in using the logo to promote the con, especially seeing that NorwesCon was coming up. She emailed back, thanking me and saying the Publications Coordinators for the con would be contacting me. I emailed them a couple days later and  traded messages back and forth with one of them for the next few days. He felt the logo was fine without any changes and wanted to put together a flyer around it, so Phillip went ahead and inked it.  They had some art they'd used last year at NorwesCon that they ended up deciding to stick with it for the sake of continuity; they included our picture at the bottom of their flyers/posters, minus the lettering. He asked if they could use our logo as part of their table display, so we made a sign for them, including the lettering. We threw in Phillip's picture "The Valhalla Variation," which I'll include in an upcoming post.  We also gave him some ARA promotional cards and bookmarks that he agreed to set out for us.

On an entirely different note, check out our new icon. We've decided on it for our ARA logo. Phillip's going to design some cool angular/deco lettering to go with it. Then we can have the header we've been threatening to put on this journal since we started it. We're also setting up a new workshop/studio. More about that later.

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