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30 September 2008 @ 10:03 pm
Back From BellCon  
Everyone was impressed with the sign stand and how steampunk it was, with all the brass fittings and dark wood. I want to get some pictures of it to post since it's such a good example of Phillip's wood and metalworking skills. None of the pictures we took at the con turned out very well, though fenmere  has some pictures on his journal, including some of the stand and our cards and prints for sale.

From all I've heard, sales were much better last year. The con was at a different, less centrally located venue this year, and of course the economy is in rough shape right now. We did sell a couple prints though, so that was encouraging. 

I also made some contacts and met a lot of great people-that's what really made the con for me. I went around with the flyers for The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists and talked with people about ASFA, The Bellingham School of Comics and of course, Alternate Reality Arts:)  I met Gus F. Martin, president of Cartoonists Northwest  and he asked for several ASFA flyers to take back to with him.  So hopefully I did ASFA some good. Fenmere said several people came by the table and asked about the B.S. of Comics. 

All in all, it's great to have a convention here in Bellinham, and hopefully things will pick up when the economy turns around and the con-runners get more experience. And who knows, maybe the ValhallaCon group will manage to pull it off and we'll have two local cons....(*checks valhallacon  LJ and Yahoo Group, sees nothing, but refuses to entirely give up hope*)