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Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
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Phillip and Cynthia Livingston
Livingston's Arcane Workshop

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Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
31 October 2009 @ 06:48 pm
In honor of the day we have 'Chelsea's Tomb' a pen & ink with a mousegirl vampire and 'Felicity's Swamp' with a female lagoon creature in pen & ink with colored pencil. Now Chelsea's fun for the whole family, but Felicity....well, Felicity's not wearing any clothes, so she's behind an LJ cut. I tried posting them larger, but for some reason they came out kind of fuzzy. Trust me, Phillip's line work on the originals is very crisp.

Click Here For Felicity's Swamp-Not For ChildrenCollapse )

Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
30 October 2009 @ 08:53 pm

This is one of the pictures we put in the Bellingham School of Comics  annual show at the Black Drop coffeehouse. We submitted 5 pictures in all and at the last meeting Phillip attended two of them had sold, so we're pretty jazzed about that:) 

P.S. Just in case you missed it, look at the tree.

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Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
24 October 2009 @ 10:52 pm
So we've been getting this TV guide online magazine in our email, maybe because we subscribed to TV Guide a million years ago or because we have TiVo. Anyway, they had a poll on who was the hottest vampire on TV right now. The choices were the two guys from the Vampire Diaries, Bill and Eric from True Blood, and The Count from Sesame Street. I'm not into the Vampire Diaries and though I've read the Sukie Stackhouse books I haven't seen the show. So I figured I'd be a smart alec and vote for The Count. So I click on him and it takes me to the results. And it turns out The Count is totally kicking ass with 59% of the vote. Phillip says that's as it should be, because The Count is classic.
Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
10 April 2009 @ 02:40 pm
I posted to the ValhallaCon Yahoogroup about the logo/promotional art we'd made, with a link back to the journal. We got a couple nice comments over there on the list and Ulysess Somers, who does their website, posted the pencil draft to the 'art show' page.


A few days later I emailed the con chair, asking if they were interested in using the logo to promote the con, especially seeing that NorwesCon was coming up. She emailed back, thanking me and saying the Publications Coordinators for the con would be contacting me. I emailed them a couple days later and  traded messages back and forth with one of them for the next few days. He felt the logo was fine without any changes and wanted to put together a flyer around it, so Phillip went ahead and inked it.  They had some art they'd used last year at NorwesCon that they ended up deciding to stick with it for the sake of continuity; they included our picture at the bottom of their flyers/posters, minus the lettering. He asked if they could use our logo as part of their table display, so we made a sign for them, including the lettering. We threw in Phillip's picture "The Valhalla Variation," which I'll include in an upcoming post.  We also gave him some ARA promotional cards and bookmarks that he agreed to set out for us.

On an entirely different note, check out our new icon. We've decided on it for our ARA logo. Phillip's going to design some cool angular/deco lettering to go with it. Then we can have the header we've been threatening to put on this journal since we started it. We're also setting up a new workshop/studio. More about that later. For now, here's the ink version of our ValhallaCon logo:Collapse )

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Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
28 March 2009 @ 08:43 pm
Our lights are off for Earth Hour.
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Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
16 March 2009 @ 07:10 pm

It looks like ValhallaCon is on! Phillip and I got pre-supporting memberships when they first offered them about a year ago, and talked our friend Colleen into getting one, too. I joined thevalhallacon Livejournal and Yahoo Group. Then for several months there was no information and it seemed uncertain if it was really going to happen or not. But now they have dates, a venue and a writer guest of honor!

ValhallaCon is being promoted as "The successor to VikingCon, Bellingham's premiere SF/F convention." and "Where VikingCons go when they die." I was thinking about that and all of the sudden I had a picture in my head. I described it to Phillip and we worked on it together. Then he surprised me with some great lettering. So far we have a pencil draft that we can develop into a ink or colored version if they're interested, as well as make any changes they'd want. So I'm going over to post to the Yahoo Group and link back here. I guess even if they're not interested in it for any official con stuff we could always enter it in the art show (I read that it hasn't been decided if they'll have an art show, but it seems to me that it would be a shame if they didn't, since Bellingham is such a big art town.)


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Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
24 December 2008 @ 06:32 pm

"The Mermaid's Christmas" a pen and ink drawing by Phillip, from an idea by Cynthia

     Best wishes for whichever path you follow.....

Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
30 September 2008 @ 10:03 pm
Everyone was impressed with the sign stand and how steampunk it was, with all the brass fittings and dark wood. I want to get some pictures of it to post since it's such a good example of Phillip's wood and metalworking skills. None of the pictures we took at the con turned out very well, though fenmere  has some pictures on his journal, including some of the stand and our cards and prints for sale.

From all I've heard, sales were much better last year. The con was at a different, less centrally located venue this year, and of course the economy is in rough shape right now. We did sell a couple prints though, so that was encouraging. 

I also made some contacts and met a lot of great people-that's what really made the con for me. I went around with the flyers for The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists and talked with people about ASFA, The Bellingham School of Comics and of course, Alternate Reality Arts:)  I met Gus F. Martin, president of Cartoonists Northwest  and he asked for several ASFA flyers to take back to with him.  So hopefully I did ASFA some good. Fenmere said several people came by the table and asked about the B.S. of Comics. 

All in all, it's great to have a convention here in Bellinham, and hopefully things will pick up when the economy turns around and the con-runners get more experience. And who knows, maybe the ValhallaCon group will manage to pull it off and we'll have two local cons....(*checks valhallacon  LJ and Yahoo Group, sees nothing, but refuses to entirely give up hope*)

Phillip R Livingston, Cynthia M Livingston
26 September 2008 @ 11:30 pm

Saturday we'll be at BellCon. Phillip made a sign for The Bellingham School of Comics-and when I say 'sign' it doesn't do it justice-this thing is made out of 4 kinds of wood with brass fittings. It looks like a sculpture and I will definitely have pictures of it in a future post. Very steampunk. We've also got some prints of Phillip's art ready, so we'll see how that goes.

I also found out I was wrong when I thought our memberships to The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists had expired. Turns out we're good until next June. We've printed up a bunch of ASFA flyers so we can do our part to pimp the organization.